if you have windows 2008 server, you may encounter a certificate error. this is because of a common “comodo” certificate relies on an expired certificate.

To solve the issue you need to :

  1. download new “comodo” certificates and install them
  2. delete the expired certificate

AAA Certificate Services – cross-certificates: (download all 4, see “Download Certificate: PEM” link on left)

what I did is (i mean, another way may also work):

  • I typed “mmc” in the start menu.
  • In the mmc console, I have added “Certificates” snap-in. and selected “local computer”.
  • I clicked the “Trusted root certificate authorities” folder. and sorted by expiration date.
  • For each of the 4 downloaded certificates:
    • I right-clicked the “Trusted root certificate authorities” folder and selected from the menu: Tasks> Import.
  • I deleted the “AddTrust External CA Root Certificate”

The solution is based on the following article: