people naturally seek dopamine.

dopamine makes people:

* desire things.
* feel the good feeling of how it will be when they get what they desired.
* not think. do thing automatically as they been done before
* because not thinking and while strong urge exists animals even will heart themselves in the process.

when people see the desired thing, the amygdala is flush the brain with dopamine. then the dopamine is absorbed in milliseconds. and kept around neurons that were active recently to facilitate learning. or dissolved slowly by enzymes and flushed at sleep.

from neuroplasticity you can know that:
also, dopamine is created as tiny lipid spheres around neurons. when the input and the output of a neuron match. dopamine bubbles appear around neurons. that were active recently to make axons grow from there and to there and strengthen existing connections.

so this is the intrinsic motivation. this dopamine created in the brain. people seek dopamine and get the same dopamine there it when they learn.

if input and output do not match in a neuron then the neuron I guess a neuron makes cortisol so the connections will dissolve.. (it is a burning material, like flash pain sensations – I know it from tasting tears of adrenaline).

if people drink alcohol it dissolves the tiny lipid bubbles and spills dopamine from them, this results in dopamine, but later makes the wrong connections. this slows down the thinking because the brain gets wrong connections and it takes more time to check wrong guesses until the brain gets a good conclution.

if you add dopamine in other forms. like sugar or reward. it messes up the will be created connections. and slows down the process of learning.

from neuroplasticity, if output value comes to brain first then comes input, at a time distance of 20 ms. brain learns. if input comes then output then brain disassociates and unlearns – something like this.
it means the answer should come first, and the process of how to make the answer should come second.
this is the reason people learn from image well. because they get the answer first when they get an image shown.

also, the same thing happens at standup shows, the comedian paints a picture with words then quickly does something that specifies input different from expected, that satisfies logic (prefrontal cortex – the thinking brain. that generates variations based on past associations from central cortex – ideas then checks them if they could be true).

so when people have a lot of associations happen they get a lot of dopamine after some amount of output-input iterations and combinations. so the level of dopamine as es above critical and people get satisfaction. same level or more as if they would get from an external reward.

also, I heard once people who talented cant earn a lot of money – external rewards. and frequently otherwise too.
I guess it is because of external reward system is not trained in them and they get a better reward by thinking and solving problems and not doing anything external and practical.

sure people will have wrong performance once they get external rewards because dopamine is spilled now in other places of the brain and it will cause wrong connections to happen in the brain. and add wrong neurons to the neural net (the interconnected neurons).

maybe to tell kids that iscecreate and externalr eqrds are only part of the story and tell them if the look on output then input many times and long enough they will also get excited the same as from icecream or even more.

when people understand what they do alot they get motivation.