excited people can’t think.
when people on dopamine or adrenaline. their thinking brain(prefrontal cortex) is blocked. and they look for supporting and relevant experiences. like more exciting things, but they fail to check if they are correct. because they cant. they just check if they are exciting as if they are related to something they desire. and want to accept it as true and desired. to get more excited. actually, this was done in the Bible with what is called “demagogy”. exciting people with lies and telling them facts hard to validate quickly and then persuading people. in bible reading they make people excited then they make people believe in things desired that does not exist. then they make people read the same thing again and again. repetitions get remembered as true beliefs. the amygdala – fast response cache system learns also from repetitions.

so when my little son ate too much sugar (actually too much is like over two tsp for a meal) then he is jumping on to the bed and behaves excited and not listening and behaves badly. so what I do is I tell him lets go have fun. and he listens. and then I can tell him, to were his shoes or we would not go have fun. and he listens and behaves well. then we can go anywhere. –

this is like the science of motivation. I feel super satisfaction.