Recently I encountered the problem with the performance of my employees. I started to learn all I can about it. I approached it with a positive learning attitude. by leaning I mean learning by asking the employee and learning from him, observation, learning about me. I think it was useful.

From a conversation with friends, I learned that I need feedback from him.
I understood that my employee needs more “path” specification and training. as by “Path-goal” theory below to feel motivated.
and he needs more feedback to feel motivated. I tried to be a role model for him as “Imitation” below. to tell him how I can work well. and give him more training.

this course suspiciusly similar to another course

Performance management:
the new way is frequent checkups. without consequences to the employee.
what is measured gets improved.
employee development.


The Psychologists Have a More Realistic, Complicated View…
• “Expectancy theory” – what do I expect? employee loses motivation to zero. if he expects to not receive reward.
• “Path-Goal” – employee needs to know the path how to do it to feel motivated
• Behavior Modification – give praise randomly
• Conformity to a group of good workers(2 good 3 better)
• Imitation of role model
• Compliance to authority

Rethinking Job Design, With employee motivation:

• Think about these jobs from a human perspective rather than an engineers
• What is it that people like about work?
• Social interactions
• What is it that they like about jobs per se (beyond the paycheck)?
• Autonomy (control) – let workers stop the line, invent their tasks, and the way of doing it – they invent same boring tasks for their position. but they like them now. = better quality
• Variety
• Appreciating the significance of their effort
• Getting feedback on specific tasks

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