Parkinson’s law, says like: people are lazy and bad at self-awareness. so they spend long of time doing not important tasks. people try to maximize acting in low energy consumption state. and choose low energy works.

when people really need complete something people tend to focus, ignore distractions and prefer the important task. and notice they went off track and got distracted.

basically, as I understand it people are many times on low energy. like always on low energy. there is always no extra energy.
like people rarely feel very good I am excited to exert a ton of work. (if you care about your dopamine and rest and feed. it is like that your body is with you on your tasks).

so what happens is when the deadline is approaching, adrenaline kicks-in, and demands body to release energy(saved for a rainy day).

drinking coffee can cause to the body to create adrenaline. (and adrenaline and demands body to release energy).

people are good at matching tasks to allotted time. maybe some people imagine default allotted time as long time. and find many tasks.
I find it is better to imagine I can do it now. in the short time and maybe go to little longer.

people want to do a lot what they understand. and this causes people to use low energy routes of their brain -the amygdala. not the prefrontal cortex and to not create new connections, those are energy consuming.
people will fall into this problem as soon as they get hungry on a meeting.

a realistic deadline is kind of a tool that helps. like the missing value in the equation to assess all the other parameters like work quality and a chosen way of implementation. it simplifies thinking because going on multiple variations is energy and time-consuming. an energy less brain won’t give it to you. so it could be like a trick to set one parameter to a probable constant. as the first move so simplify next steps.

usually, people don’t think like what is the bare minimum to make it functional.
and not think like a fast result is worth more than a slow result. so to choose ways of making things that are fastest routs. people not notice them and not collect them. I usually collect ideas how to make same work faster with high quality.

it is worth noticing a when Parkinson’s law runs away like someone might stop being depressed about minimizing feature set to the bare essentials and starts to dwell in what he likes like months. to stop and re-plan the deadlines. remind to that someone that you might not make it, in this pace. need to go back solving only the most important problems. faster.

when people stressed they might search for ways how can you do something in contrary to the short deadlines. as I know people it is possible to find the way.

just need to have a habit to make things shorter and smaller and more complete in a simpler way..
this is usually a good choice.