shimon: I want to tell you about a theory I developed for my personal performance

interviewer: ok ..

shimon: about what makes people do mistakes in a changing environment.

shimon: btw drinking alcohol deletes memory of last days so drinking is bad for programmers who need to have a good memory. the brain cell makes a small drop, like a sphere from oil – (lipid), with contents of dopamine inside. its task to tell where to grow new connections between neurons that work together. if you bust those tiny bubbles because alcohol dissolves oil memory formation is damaged, and dopamine spills and makes bad connections makes people think with more random connections with mistakes of incorrect connections that need to be managed later by the brain so it slows down thinking.

interviewer: I see, that’s why my brain is slow in thinking sometimes after drinking

shimon: ok so

shimon: in the brain, there is a place where all connections go, after they were classified to the final value.

shimon: it is called amygdala

shimon: amygdala is like a bitmap with partitions.

shimon: amygdala receives classified information what is inside the body and what is outside the body using senses and eyes. and matches an action (array of movements) to this information

shimon: it is like a simple neural network, match a pattern that is based on two inputs to an output.

shimon: it works like a cache.

shimon: because the input goes straight there the response is fast

interviewer: I see

shimon: also into amygdala goes a delayed same thing with various delays. there is like a round loop device called hippocampus.

shimon: also there are inputs to amygdala from several memory places in the brain.

shimon: after the amygdala, the information goes into the prefrontal cortex. like a small brain part in the front middle.

shimon: the prefrontal cortex compares what you had in the past and does multiple correlations, the situation you have now in amygdala with situations you had in the past.

shimon: and suggests action directions based on approximation based on past.

shimon: the top cortex does for the prefrontal cortex matching of similar things in the past.

shimon: like cross matching different ideas with common something

shimon: the prefrontal cortex is like generative (discriminative) neural network (GAN)

shimon: this is how memory works

shimon: the prefrontal cortex generates several ideas based on past

interviewer: i see, is there foods that help it?

shimon: i will tell you the solutions later

interviewer: ok Sir

shimon: and then it discriminates, – decides if this idea could be true

shimon: this is how memory works,

shimon: the discriminator is good at identifying if something could be true.

shimon: and the generative part is good at inventing parts that could be true

shimon: so the output from prefrontal cortex goes back to amygdala as feedback

shimon: for the prefrontal cortex – the thinking brain it takes like 10 times longer to respond than the time it takes to the amygdala

shimon: amygdala responding quickly it works like a cache

shimon: it does the same action as you did in a similar situation quickly

interviewer: ah ok

shimon: all automatic actions are from the amygdala

shimon: people have only once amygdala so they can do only one action at a time automatically

shimon: when someone tries to do multiple actions they go to prefrontal cortex as something unknown for the amygdala and take 10 times longer to do two things in parallel each thing

shimon: the amygdala cache fails if you try to do the same thing in a different situation.

shimon: maybe you know neural networks have errors, I was searching where people do same errors

shimon: and found people do them when they think with the amygdala.

shimon: amygdala can’t think

shimon: it automates actions of body basic needs and actions related to body basic needs

interviewer: I see

shimon: amygdala does two more things

shimon: it does pre-processing for the whole brain

shimon: it floods the brain with dopamine or adrenaline

shimon: when it is dopamine it is sucked back instantly and regenerated by enzymes in the brain

shimon: dopamine is kept in neurons that were active recently

shimon: it marks them as neurons that need to learn

shimon: but sometimes there is too much dopamine and it causes to lower the accepted error barrier

shimon: and do things that are with error

shimon: for example when a basic body need repeats itself it causes dopamine to generate each time it reminds about it

shimon: then when you try to do an action when you want and you high on dopamine (want something a lot) you may make an error

interviewer: ah I see

shimon: when there is dopamine in the brain it blocks the prefrontal cortex and prevents people from thinking based on thinking

shimon: and do only automatic responses that might be wrong if the situation is changed

shimon: dopamine is the desire to move, it makes good feeling that you will soon have something rewarding

shimon: and as you have it the dopamine goes away and no joy anymore

interviewer: oh I see

shimon: dopamine makes people do things that might hurt themselves

shimon: because of the structure of the brain

interviewer: do like what?

shimon: there was an experiment of rats that they stimulated their brain dopamine center when the rats touched an electric shocking fence the rats tore their legs to blood

shimon: it is like the brain does not think it does what it did previously even if it is bad because brain not thinking

interviewer: I see

shimon: in nature dopamine is for like when a tiger sees in front of him a food going.

shimon: so the tiger will not think slow. it makes him jump and eat it while it is in front of him

shimon: dopamine blocks the thinking brain and allowss to think fast

interviewer: I see

shimon: also when dopamine is too high, it makes people make errors. to cause people to make something even random. do anything. not stack.

shimon: dopamine is triggered by lots of choice like many images on youtube. you have it in grocery stores they do piles of things.

shimon: dopamine is triggered by something that is associated with body basic needs, like sleep, eat, fart, pee, poo.

shimon: repeated dopamine is generated when there is some illness in the body like a pain somewhere.
people who are sick tend to act crazy

interviewer: I see 🙂

shimon: so as a solution it helps to go to the toilet as fast as you feel the need to prevent raising dopamine

shimon: because it dissolves with constant low rate but generated on demand and repeated as much as repeated

interviewer: ah ok

shimon: also helps to eat on time. not on feeling.

interviewer: I see

shimon: because when you feel hungry you already want to eat, if you wait while you prepare food it raises dopamine

interviewer: ah ok

shimon: based on what we had in the army there is:
morning meal at 6:30 to 8:30
supportive morning meal – like snack to not feel hungry like at 10 to 11
noon meal at 11:30 to 14:30
supporting evening meal at 15:30 to 16:30
evening meal at 18:30 to 20:30

shimon: so I have reminders to eat on time. in case I don’t notice.

shimon: also I sleep enough .there are sleep cycles of 90 minutes it helps to match sleep with the sleeping cycles. when going to sleep and wake up. there are websites that calculate sleep cycles. go to sleep time

interviewer: you been in the army?

shimon: yes Israeli army

shimon: I was programmer there

shimon: not fighter

interviewer: ah I see awesome

shimon: also it helps to have a wind-down time before sleep

shimon: like an hour of nothing

shimon: when you do like house chores maybe. relax.

shimon: it helps to do start go to sleep unwind in a scheduled manner. on time not on feel.

shimon: because when you are tired you already wish you been in the bed ready to sleep

shimon: so you start ahead using clock time each day, same time.

interviewer: i see

shimon: and good decisions, you don’t break.

shimon: even if it is tempting because you will make errors

shimon: to be successful. you need all things to be good:

have plans for tomorrow at evening.
wind down at evening.
go to sleep early.
wake up and have a meal.
not do other or multiple things at morning.

shimon: because if you don’t eat and start doing something you will stay in this for a long time.

shimon: in a low-performance mode.

shimon: so the solution is to eat at morning

interviewer: I see, great

shimon: it is like in “addiction”, you keep holding for something, your brain is not thinking because hunger triggering dopamine. you keep doing the same something.

shimon: addiction is when you have dopamine from something but don’t have a solution for the reason of dopamine. like having a wrong solution the itching thing. so you do same solution again and again, and it does not solve the problem again and again. but brain confuses one satisfying thing with another but that is not solving the problem but faster to get.

interviewer: i see

shimon: because amygdala feels only it wants something in generall. then you have to check body what is it. if is done done not carefuly. then sometimes amygdala confuses between problems and sometimes solutions. like when body needs rest or sleep you feel you want something else like want to browse the internet to relax or watch tv. or need other basic need like hungr. or fart then body confuses this with something else.

interviewer: i see

shimon: adrenaline is from fear of death. adrenaline is also blocking the prefrontal cortex, adrenaline shrinks blood vessels to the prefrontal cortex in the brain. and blocks the thinking. if adrenaline is abused adrenaline turns into cortisol and this modifies brain structure to work more on amygdala and think less. religious fanats have damaged brains by cortisol.

shimon: adrenaline is also generated by coffee when drinking coffee. coffee is a neural irritant. it is not bad. it kind of works. too much of it is bad. not sleeping is also bad because brain trains the neural networks during sleep if no sleep brain trains badly with “overfitting” which cause it to make specificity errors of not generalized thought

interviewer: oh i see

shimon: it is better to sleep and wake up at end of sleep cycle to feel good after sleep and not use coffee because problem-solving ability (generalization) degrades.

shimon: I have reminders for meals on my phone. it helps.

shimon: also i have auto turn off program for my computer at night.

shimon: and I don’t break decisions I made before and don’t turn on the computer after it turned off

interviewer: I see, hmm, I drink coffee to be not sleepy

shimon: people feel sleepy because of hunger

interviewer: me sometimes sleepy after eating, said it was insulin

shimon: or want to fart or poop laying down and letting bowl movement happen and going to toilet helps to feel fresh again

interviewer: i see

shimon: if you ate and went to toilet sleeping for 90 minutes at noon helps to think better later.

shimon: it helps to listen to body basic needs to it will not generate too much dopamine that will cause make mistakes

shimon: also it is possible to be too low on dopamine it is bad also. it helps to have desires.

interviewer: i see, noted

shimon: so there you have it

shimon: theory how to manage own state based on brain theory

interviewer: yes, this is a great advice