why need to reason to both on feeling exiting hook and imagined experience matching past experiences and it is correct logically?

the reason for reasoning logically and feelingly is because people have amygdala and prefrontal cortex.
the amygdala is looking for things that relate to basic needs of human, like food, mating, survival. and it is looking for quick desire and satisfaction

the prefrontal cortex is looking for similarly encoded past experiences, and generating ideas then check them logically. stores some ideas in memory. then gives each result to the amygdala, the amygdala in its turn might act on those ideas with dopamine or with adrenaline.
prefrontal cortex might tell amygdala that something is of a new kind, and stores it is new in a new category (in some people, some people don’t do it frequently). or it might tell amygdala if it is associated with something useful to basic body needs (i think it is cerebral cortex does the associative index).

my guess is that prefrontal cortex memory is an (in the computer, a deep learning term) generative adversarial network. it generates result according to past experiences. and discriminates according to past experiences. if they are correct or not. then it makes few examples. as options to amygdala as feedback.

one researcher said, “there is no homeostasis without a body” like the brain trains itself quickly to maintain body’s basic needs at mid-level.

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