how to solve falling for addiction? just need a pause in between the trigger and the easy addictive action. – to let think and decide.

at first, you might not like it. and maybe laugh at it that it can be easily ignored. you might even ignore it few times. However, after some time you would notice that it is useful. that you start to think and think maybe it is not so good to do that addictive thing.
all it does is it adds a pause between falling in for addictive action and the action. this pause that lets you rethink your action is what helps…

for computer related:

for example, you can add this extension for chrome web browser “go-fucking-work”
and add and

and see how it works…

it can work similarly for physical things

for example, if you are weak for sweets or chocolate.
you may put a note on chocolate that asks you to rethink and maybe eat real food. and maybe put it in a box with a lock or combination lock. The intention is to delay the opening time more. so you will have time to think. and not do it mindlessly instantly.