it is generally known that one of the reasons for dopamine spikes is internal problems. like an internal health issue, or some sort of deficiency.

found some articles about tyrosine deficiency, it’s relation to vitamin d3, and that tyrosine is a dopamine precursor.

it is very easy to be deficient. body requirements are like (unchecked!!!)11 grams for a day (150 mg/kg).
it is possible to get about 1.5 grams from 100 grams of meat, or much smaller amounts of tyrosine from other food sources.
I guess that the tyrosine is what give the comm feeling after eating meat.

tyrosine is used by the body to enhance communication between all body cells to execute repair of cells as a response to growth factors. if tyrosine is deficient I guess it is bad situations for cells and I guess amygdala would notice it. and make people seek anything that would help,

it is known that amygdala does easily association mistakes. it is exploited very much in advertising: (

amygdala’s use is intended to manage body’s physical needs. amygdala senses body’s internal and external state and does simple correlation and decisions of one physical need to physical one action, it also does preprocess for the prefrontal cortex (that comes after it) and releases dopamine which increases the probability of success for all neurons that were active recently. like by what the eyes were looking at. to catch food that is in front.)

in ads, they put a physical need like food need or nice looking woman or man and the product they want to sell.
also, I noticed that people get confused about when they want, if they want to go to the bathroom they feel they want to complete things.

or if people want to rest they want to watch tv late at night because they confuse between satisfaction from rest and satisfaction from tv.

so I think amygdala mistakes dopamine for tyrosine.

there is a supplement of tyrosine. tyrosine is a building material for the body, it is not a drug or hormone. it is a material that used by the body to create required other materials.

I tried it seems like it works well. not sure to confirm yet, needs to be tested for a longer time than 2 days.

ADHD problems are from high dopamine.