The relevant pieces of information are:

  • too much dopamine creates a total breakdown of the system. ( I mean mechanically the works brain like, for example: if someone wants to pee, and he is reminded of it many times, someone may pee himself like, go crazy about it, with very little judgment. ) or there are many things to catch, and someone is trying to catch everything. but then catches nothing.
  • dopamine is also created by variation.
  • I read one that a guy had a solution to incorporate variation to his work. this was his best solution for controlling his dopamine.


The knowns are:

  • dopamine is like adjusts up the probability of success this frequently creates disasters, people agree to hurt themselves because of dopamine.
  • dopamine creates a desire to get something, ( like catch food that is in front of you, this is like how the brain works mechanically.)
  • dopamine creates only the feeling of joy of anticipation that satisfaction is near.
  • if the amygdala decides if there is dopamine or adrenaline and blocks the prefrontal cortex.
  • the amygdala is preprocessing all the senses and creates dopamine or adrenaline or nothing. then if nothing, then it may pass the information to prefrontal cortex for a weighted decision, using multiple correlations.
  • after dopamine is satisfied, dopamine goes away.

so the thing is:

if someone works too hard and delays his desires and forces himself to focus, what happens is his dopamine levels start to accumulate and skyrocket very quickly and if it is too much the judgment starts to be less accurate and riskier and that someone might go crazy about something.

however, variation at work would prevent that dopamine over-accumulation and so keep performance high continuously.

I had noticed that frequently on hard jobs people smoke or eat sugar, that is not healthy. however, it creates dopamine.

This could be solved with little variation.

a guy, I met today said he likes to work one day on one thing and another day on another thing to has variation.

I prefer to a full day on this and two hours on other thing or another way around.

I guess to creates some dopamine and so satisfy it quickly helps to work better have balance at work.

sometimes when deadlines are pressing, It is bad to work for 3 weeks on one thing and delay satisfaction. it is better to switch tasks with a friend, and then switch back.