I’ve made for myself an audiobook.

a very good book about pure instinct and where to look for it.

for me it is less about advertising but more about research and to remembering to look on the common-sense.

download it there:

another story about research and common sense:

“The Student, the Fish, and Agassiz” http://people.bethel.edu/~dhoward/resources/Agassizfish/Agassizfish.htm
I read a better version of it, in the book “The Art of Profitability”

it was like: the student comes to a professor, professor handles him a fish and says, tell me what you see. the student looks up the fish the encyclopedia and tells him a fish named “silver fin or whatever”. then the professor says look again and tell me what you see, a week later, when the fish decomposed than the student starts really look on what he sees and describe it as it is, taking the time to observe patiently and think about what he sees, like here are lungs fins etc’, then the professor says fine.