also recently I learned about demagogy, it is when people are persuaded using fact that it is hard to check quickly. and influenced using emotion.

for example in the news, when somebody is just scratched a little, they write “somebody is badly wounded”, people read it and get little adrenaline shock. but can’t go there to see if he is really wounded. so people just ingest it. – this is demagogy.

because of how the brain works on low energy, even the smartest and the best people fall for it.

brain on low energy – does single pattern correlation with amygdala only and not multiple correlations with prefrontal-cortex because of not enough energy so body conserves energy and shuts it off, when it is shut off there is a lot of influence by adrenaline(fear of death) and dopamine (joy of predicted satisfaction – it is addictive, also aroused by life sustaining things like food,sex, and addictions that predict satisfaction ). it is easy to be in low energy, just enough to have little sleep and have diminishing glucose levels and brains starts to be stingy

Torah falls into this category very well.
in Torah, there are many emotional word-of-mouth stories for young adults with uncheckable facts. the stories are folk stories with meaning for young adults, the story of creation is just to help kids learn the names of the days, the garden of Eden story is an arousing story that tells young adults that to have success with theirs prospect partners they should give them food…

the tale of the origin of “god” meaning as it never told:
From research on the origins of the English language, it is possible to understand that long time ago, there were fewer words in the language. much fewer. (source youtube: “vSauce English”, for example in old English “Uncleftish Beholding” = atomic theory). it is logical too.
so the story it is possible to deduce is like this: probably in India a long time ago there were pagans – worshipers of multiple gods, then came a group of men that said it is not because of “god” it is because of the brain. but they did not have the word for brain so they said this thing that is at the top (in Hebrew god is “Elohim”) or soundwise as many words represent some sound quality, they tried to be on the high pitch to denote that thing on the top and said “jah” on high pitch (or in short ha on high note(in Hebrew just h means god)) and then probably said “jah wawawawa” – Jehovah probably meant thinking. so this group of smart men who thought it is because of the brain. that brain is the only god and there was a rumor of this. that this group does this thing and the rumor got to pagan people who ware the majority who understood only the concept of pagan gods, so there was a “broken telephone game” situation and they understood that god is that thing at tho top (sky )
that sees everything and hears everything that you see… so god turned to single god that is a pagan god, and this is what we have today…

so now when you know the meaning of the words “jah wa-wa-wa-wa” or “jah” it is possible to understand Torah.
if you replace in Torah words god with brain or thinking

after it is read with understanding, it becomes clear, many prayers say that the brain can do anything, and thought is the creator of all and the brain is the healer of everyone. and our brain (god) is the best and we are chosen by the brain to go to the land of Israel… when people read this many times, people get supremacy syndrome. so far so good self-esteem is good. but the problem is when there are 3 major religions that believe the same thing. it creates problems and stupid demagogy wars of ‘who’s god is the best’. if only they knew that god(Jah or H’ or Elohim) means ‘brain’ and Jehovah means ‘thinking’. I wish they were playing jeopardy.