The brain does not tell you what to do. the brain gives you a feeling of desire. and you have to guess what you really need by checking everything.

The feeling of desire is because of a dopamine rush in the brain. each time you desire something dopamine gets excreted in the brain,

Dopamine washes the whole for a small period of time causes brain cells that were active to become more sensitive and learning for the following long period of time.

Also, a lot of dopamine makes a feeling of “I will soon get satisfied” but not the “joy of satisfaction”. like when someone very wants something like a salivating dog. satisfaction actually lowers the dopamine levels. all youtube videos just recite same text book with missing information. my explanation is correct.



people usually want human life sustaining things most frequently. like to sleep, poop, pee, eat (rise glucose(better with complex carbs like starchy food) or fat in the blood) – (brain notices the level of glucose goes down – not low – go down).

people mistake a fart desire for sex desire.

people mistake desire to drink or desire for sweets instead of a desire to sleep.

people mistake any life sustaining desire like eat or sleep or poop or pee for a desire for addictive things like internet television facebook youtube or bad things like drugs, cigarettes, sweets.

people desire sweets when they lack iron, it is normal because sweets rise acidity. acid rises the availability of iron.

those dopamine rashes are exploited in ads. first, the tell you on what to focus. like they tell what they do -they show a picture that tells what to look for in the next picture or picture on the side. then they show you a desirable general picture with a small thing they want you to buy. that desirable thing could be based on the basic life sustaining desires like a beautiful woman or man and good looking food, or social desires . (… there is another type of ads based on fear but on that later in the section about adrenaline )


when you feel stressed for no apparent reason it is time to seek medical attention.

Sometimes there is a health issue when there is anything missing like vitamins like iron or b vitamins or there is a hidden health issue, people do not understand what they feel and get restless and schizophrenic. this because too much dopamine messes up the brain.

then people say incorrectly that stress causes illness while it is contrariwise.

interestingly it explains well Helicobacter pylori Issues – that people get puffed belly and get crazy. they want something but it is nothing they get. and they usually don’t know that they have this Helicobacter pylori problem. looking on this and how psychiatrists give serotonin generating tablets to people instead of fixing their problem. treating symptoms only. – poor ADHD kids they maybe just hungry.


coping with dopamine: excess dopamine can be taken away by sleep and relatively reduced by exercising. because exercising creates other neurotransmitters like gabba and serotonin in the brain that compete with dopamine. it is possible to increase serotonin with tryptophan foods. dopamine is naturally reduced in the brain in the dopamine cycle using methyl group vitamins: Methylcobalamin(kind of Vitamin B12) and Folic acid. meditation is time doing nothing, really, to listen to your desires. – and deeper desires by ignoring the first urges and relaxing more. with a mission to focus and refocus on your breathing.

a brain without dopamine and with enough energy. functions very well. without any procrastination or attention disruption urges.