The book “The Richest Man in Babylon”  says:
 spend less than you earn – that is all the secret to accumulate huge money.


save 10% for investment.

use 20% of your spend money loan to repay. if you have a loan to repay. (keep saving the 10% for later investment)

spend only 90% of your money .  to accumulate faster invest saved money wisely with competent people.

if you see an opportunity for investment you need to make effort go and take it. many opportunities go by missed. you have to go and take them. make an effort. ask how can you join.

to whom loan money to for good use, or whom to ask for a job or advice?

you should give money to competent people, someone with matching experience and knowledge.


usually people give you advice from area near to them what they know and feel sure about it ignoring all the other better decisions.

examples: ask health advice a healthy doctor practitioner, ask building advice from a builder, plumbing advice for a plumber. for a hummer everything looks like a nail. give loan for making money with selling computers to someone  with proven record of selling and knowledge with computers and someone with clients. not someone who will have to learn it and make mistakes while loosing your money.

if you give money to incompetent people they will make an incompetent judgment and you will see them making a wrong choice and it will be a lost money and outcome lesson for you.


don’t invest in random outcome, invest in people with competent skills.

an idea for investment for people with small amounts of money: ask freelancers to develop a product for you. the business idea. the product plan everything,maybe even ask freelancers to give you advice what in their expertise is most money making. ask freelancers do the management, ask freelancers to do the expanse plan for this investment.