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You have a part in the brain called prefrontal cortex. it is the latest addition to the brain.
because of brain structure it receives energy last in the order of brain parts. and it is the most energy taking part. the brain disables it willingly to save energy. this part makes decisions based on logical classification and multiple correlations,

(before the prefrontal cortex comes the Amygdala and it takes less energy and makes decisions based on feeling and fear and color patterns or single correlation. )

(the classification chain begins in the back, – the information from eyes goes to back of the brain then from there it goes forward to the prefrontal cortex. on people who see many faces and “classes” you see they have two bumps on their forehead especially prime ministers and the like.)

if someone is slept not well, and he is low on glucose the prefrontal cortex shuts off.

the brain monitors glucose level – if it is normal and stable everything ok. brain notices that the level of glucose in blood goes down –  brain goes into power conservation mode and the prefrontal cortex shuts off.

the brain does the default actions and uses feeling based decision making.

an undeveloped or low energy brain is easily fooled by feelings –

(example: demagogy.  demagogy is persuasion by facts that are hard to check at the moment and appealing to emotions to make a decision – frequently seen in religion, and news. information that creates in brain dopamine like sex and food in advertising and adrenaline like things that remind death. both emotions are hardly controllable in case of a low active prefrontal cortex is inactive).

another video advices to eat more frequently and some methyl group vitamins: 5-MTHF and methyl-b12. this book advises to eat food that releases energy slowly like starchy food and fat foods, also nuts for snacks. not sugary foods that make adrenaline spikes. also it advises to eat breakfast. and not so skip it otherwise the whole day would be in energy conservation mode.

i advise to not eat sugar rather use glucose it is less sweet, also non-sugar fed bees honey contains glucose, sugar is molecule from glucose + fructose. fructose is nerve poison. it is cleared at slow rate in the liver. too much sugar is poisonous. sugar is inventions of plants to help then control symbiotic relationship with insects. and call predators on smell of co2 if an insect is ate too much of a plant.

people need a building material like amino-acids, vitamins and minerals and energy materials  like glucose and fat

from another video that advises to eat the range of amino acids not from meat like from seaweed and from nuts. he says that the energy from that is from pure meat is the amount of energy that is used to digest the amino acids of the pure meat so the net energy from meat is towards nothing.
meat usually also contains fat. so eating meat works to the amount of fat that is in the meat.
so it is a good idea to support meat with some energy food like starchy foods or fats food.


another thing she writes about is dopamine

dopamine is a chemical, a neurotransmitter. that  fills the brain when you see something you might crave. and imagine what you will get in it. then dopamine fills the brain and makes you go and get it.  the dopamine makes feels the excitement and joy of hope that you will soon be satisfied. but not the satisfaction! this is what dopamine does.  this is what happens when you see the image of a video in youtube , or see something in facebook and expect that you will be satisfied in the very next moment.  or play a game that gives you a feeling that soon you will be successful -then you  feel dopamine

dopamine is the thing i hated when i had noticed it. dopamine controls me in many situations and it comes in batches.

when you look at something some  neurons are excited, dopamin is exerted to the whole brain and those neurons that are excited save the dopamine to be more sensitive and to learn actively in the following period. then the excess dopamine is sucked back to the pre axons.

this is the reason that the advertising  is frequently in-association-with things that make dopamine in brains of people like sex and food and other things that some kind of people want.

she tells a story of an experiment of a rat that had an implanted electrode in the desire center in the brain and in the experiment they gave the rat an option to press a button and get an excitions in the brain. when given option it pressed it about every 5 seconds. then they put on one side of tunel a button and on another side a button. and between the buttons an electric fence floor. the button got disabled for some time and the rat had to run to the other side to the other button to get another excitation in her brain. the rat ran until near death and reared its legs. it reminds me drug addicts that hurt themselves.

after i started to notice how dopamine works in my brain, it was like when i saw something i liked then i had a dopamine rush then i found myself doing do unintentionally other things that might give hope of satisfaction like watching a youtube or using facebook.
the first day i did nothing and just noticed it and i allowed me to do things as it was. also i felt i could control it. –  after i understood what happened to me. about two days later when i noticed it again i controlled it better. so after you notice it is it is controllable to some degree. especially if your prefrontal cortex is functioning and not shut off. i also started to try sleep well and eat well.

in the book she asked people to notice when they lose control. and plan from the version of themselves that is with a less active prefrontal cortex.

sho told a story of woman that noticed that she felt joy when she went shopping but she felt bad when she was buying so the solution was that she went shopping, even intentionally left the money at home , and bought nothing. and she felt very good after this shopping.

she said that the brain is bad at predicting what will be satisfying.  addictive activities are usually not satisfying.  activities like snacks and limitless tv and indulging  food and game playing and other addictive and indulging activities that create dopamine or adrenaline.

she found that the satisfying activities are those that create serotonin, gaba, and endorphins, like

sport activities – anything you are not standing , not sitting or not laying for any amount of time that you will do.  even 5 minutes of walk around or window shopping will count.

when you feel low control like procrastination,  guilt, like you sit and can’t do anything.  the solution is to do sports and sleep well. to have more prefrontal cortex decision ability. (not the dopamine things like computer games and indulgences )

frequently a good decision to gain self control and make the important work even partially when there is not time left.


she says meditation works well. also meditation makes brain faster and it makes prefrontal cortex have stronger connection to the brain. she tells meditation is when you relax maybe close your eyes or stare at something meaningless like a white wall and listen your breathing. the idea is when you feel you need to scratch an itch you ignore it (practice to control your self to not respond to every urge and not do it) or if something that takes your attention away you practice to notice it and bring attention back to breathing.


then she talks about guilt and loss of control. the solution is to not have guilt to forgive yourself instead.

to tell yourself that things like this happen and it is ok for you to do things and not have guilt.

the purpose of not having guilt is to limit the damage to just what had happen.

it is researched that people uncontroll themselves to a total uncontroll and make a lot of damage to themselves after they feel guilt that they controlled themselves badly. like broke their decision.

she gives examples like when someone is gambling after he looses more then he decided then he feels guilt. guilt sometimes triggers fear of death and this creates adrenaline in the brain. adrenaline cause risky stupid decisions that at the time feel right with adrenaline.even they will make you look very stupid later.

softening guilt prevents doing harm to yourself. keep it at what you just  id and not full blown harm of self uncontrol because of guilt.

the guilt -adrenaline mechanism is there you can’t do anything about it. so better to avoid it. it is better to forgive yourself to prevent damage.

i myself used to sit at the computer util too late and because i had guilt i did not turned off the computer and continued working i felt like it is already too late and i want to complete one more thing. every one more thing felt at that time very important . it was guilt and dopamine controlling me not me.

i feel i learn to control myself better and i understand that i was a dopamine “junkie”(indulging in dopamine addiction from time to time especially in depressing and unsatisfying times) .

I feel i had started a journey to learn to control myself better.



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