more about imidiate gratification, lately i found myself smashed to the ground with bad feelings. i started to research in myself and found out i am lucking my aims. while work overwhelmed my being in my life with nothing in return. so i started searching and thinking. i found that i don’t go sleep because i dont want something like future pain so . i am falling to even smallest immidiate satisfactions like facebook or YouTube.  then i though i need to create massive amounts of satisfaction in my life. more than enough for me and for others.  i guess that i am lacking some skill, but where do i start? then i thought lets search i had found there two advices:

1. do apriciatation and not expectation.  expectation brings unsatisfaction. apriciation of what you have brings to satisfaction.

2. go step by step on your aims one by one.  satisfaction dosent means you satisfied and dont need anything anymore. rather it means i need to fulfill my needs on a constant basis.


How can I create satisfaction in my life? by Sujay Rittikar

3. as you get older apriciation gowes lower of past achvments. and you have less acivments as you get older.


so indeec i found i dont have any aims. my work. prevented them from me. so i need to create some aims. for my self in aeras importent to me and persue them.

probably i need to search more about appreciation skill.