Demand for Instant Gratification – You see it all around you.

People are addicted to things that give them instant gratification. People even addicted to instant gratification itself.

If there is an instant gratification, then there can be addiction. if there is addiction, then there is a business.

it is possible to make products addictive.

When you look at products around you in stores. you see all sales pitches and offerings are based on instant gratification first, real solution second. you see same pattern of ‘instant gratification first, real solution second’ also in medicine, and in finance, you see it everywhere.

  • WordPress solves instant gratification for writing.
  • Apple solves instant gratification for using the internet.
  • Smartphones solve instant gratification for using the internet even better.
  • Microsoft and Intel are in the middle of the supply chain of instant gratification for using the internet.
  • Loans solve instant gratification for money, but hit you hard for long term.
  • Games solve instant gratification for adrenaline.
  • Sugar solves instant gratification for the feeling you are doing good (emotional anesthesia), and Endorphins without exercise.
  • Google solves instant gratification for finding
  • YouTube solves instant gratification for everything you can get from watching a video. I think YouTube contributes the most to creation of addiction for instant gratification.
  • FedEx and UPS… solve for instant gratification of delivery.

now when i think of a product i think does it create instant gratification.

then, is there addiction?

is it possible to have an addiction there, how to create it?

instant gratification is because of people use a lot of ‘defaults mode’ in the brain usually because of low energy. because of not eating well, endocrine problems (trace elements and vitamin b), or little blood problems (low iron), low HCL – digestion of protein problems. oe people eat too little complex carbs(various seed’s porridge, potatoes),  or disease and other health problems.

people use instant gratification because they are addicted to instant gratification.


addiction is an action that is triggered by some trigger internal or external,  addictive action skips thinking , it is the default action for that category,
there is a cycle of trigger-action-satisfaction

negative – compulsive addiction could be a learned response of desensitization to confusion.  like doing some action anyway even that frequently there is no result. and you forget you dont know why. the compulsive addiction occurs when someone not getting immediate gratification at random.

positive addiction created when someone is  always getting instant gratification to an internal or external trigger.

trigger could be anything: like feeling hungry, or seeing from distance an branded red gate of place you associate with the instant gratification, or seeing picture of something that gives instant gratification like food.

positive reinforcement could be like: telling somebody that he did well (for example: thank).

some substances support positive reinforcement , and addiction. like sugar and drugs they hijack the brain  and arouse the feeling good region in the brain, which tells brain to learn to do it again. even if it is bad.

brain of people is foggy mess of everything together. for example if there is sugar (feeling of doing good aroused) and you do other things, they could get associated at spontaneously as related things. – it is like they put sugar in chocolate. chocolate which is bitter salty tasteless fat. and other bakery things.