some people work smarter

if you analyze work. work is from two parts, one is selling the other is doing the work.

money comes only from selling. not from doing the work.

then if you could somehow do only selling.

or do the work more efficiently and effectively

profitability result of the mix the offer. in a way that it is hard to trace the value back to work done.

how can we do some mixing with a “work” so there is a mix, not an hour of work?

this is how companies born.

also, it is smart to do only the easy and fast things.
and do the rest of the time on sales. maybe to have a policy of not doing things not offered on the menu. to not clog the pipeline. and keep the efficiency and profitability high.

it is bad to do a service where you first learn what you need to do there like investigate the problem and research (a somewhat time unlimited task) and then do some task. a task you did not know at first how much time it takes. because there is a step that dissociates the future task time from the first ordered action.

it is probably mere effective to disassociate from hours. and change the units to per item. to do  “packaging goods”. take a thing you do or know and package it, to a box, to an offer.

it is possible to offer a service with consumables. on per instant gratification basis