i don’t eat “sugar” many years already. i even don’t have sugar at home.

i find myself using sugar as psychological anesthesia, when something is bad for me but i decide i do with it, like my wife upsets me or i work too much and i have to live with it. so at last to feel less pain i sometimes eat something sweet like a croissant with chocolate with hot cocoa

the thing is that sugar is very similar to morphine drug

more about sugar:
like the monosodium glutamate is marker of meat in nature
same sugar is marker of carbon food in nature

predator crazy of sugar result smells – the co2 smell.
it is used by plants to balance leafs eating by leaf eaters.
if they will eat too much leaves
predators will come and eat the leaves plant eaters because they will smell very much.
our predators are mosquitoes and microorganisms like streptococcus.
if you eat non packaged sugar streptococcus will come and make lactic acid to help enzymes that are in food you eat to dissolve your teeth…

but the one thing i don’t eat sugar because is because it reduces good judgment. sugar arouses the ‘it is good’ brain region. and everything that is around is effected. and it reduces the ‘no’ feeling. so the decisions are only, do i ‘yes’ it, without do i ‘no’ it. this is why sometimes there are sweets and cookies at sales offices and negotiations tables.

i have actually noticed that when i eat sugar i tend more to procrastinate. like i am more susceptible to agree to my mind’s persuasions to do the instant gratification things..

i hate that some material would intervene with my decisions and ruin them.