Donald Trump has some edge, he knows to delegate well.
like that people would do something even if he doesn’t ask it directly.

there was some kind of comics about delegation. and there were examples of how to delegate well. you may know you can’t force people to do things. so there was a manager that asks to do things explicitly. this caused micromanagement. another one, the good one, told there is a problem and asked for help to solve it.

A story I had at work, we wanted to write about that we solved a problem that wasn’t there and had to present it in a powerpoint presentation. so we like thought how can we give people clue that it is something significant, and people did not get it. that is is a bad thing or a problem then, I thought maybe I can tell that it is a problem then I recalled Donald Trump.

so to make people think that something is important Donald Trump says it is a bad thing very bad thing so people will notice and co-empathize.

then he says we need to do something but don’t tell what.

he also, he says that he knows there are other opinions and options and empathize with them to win the other side support as well.
and he usually exaggerates about the badness of things.

the final thing for delegating is setting standards what level quality is required and deadlines and importance of them. like I could say wash the floor. this could be understood in many variations like poor water on floor and wipe, or do very details and move furniture.

so to ask someone to was floor I could say as Donald Trump style delegator:

something like:

[gain attention, say something just to say it]
we have a problem

[introduce the problem:]
the floor is dirty

[say it is important. to prove it requires attention]
a dirty floor is bad, very bad. […] people might get dead from this , there are hunger and poverty in the world…

[various adrenaline creators, like at now deadlines and embarrassment possibilities of imaginative situations]

what if guests or friends will come.

[set standards: deadlines]

floor needs to be cleaned until evening,

[set standards: quality]

just easy wiping little water with without soap. where it is easily accessible.

[symnpathize with the other side and gut feelings, strengthen with social proof]
I know some might want to leave it as is. but trust me when there will be guests they also would like it to be clean. many people would agree with that. everyone here would thank for a clean floor.

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