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If you are like every other normal human. you like instant gratification. instant gratification probably controls your life. it is related tightly to procrastination and ADHD. procrastination is a low energy state. When I had heard first Tim Urban, I thought to myself “eureka!”. It explains every human behavior on earth.
it turns out all people act on instant gratification. this is seen everywhere. all of the products we have in the supermarkets. all the sales pitches and ads are directed to instant gratification ,not a long-term good solution , ADHD’s simply have an addiction to instant gratification. and today youtube contributes to it a lot. as children grow they get used to receiving satisfaction quickly and if it is not so they do something else. also this is a basic thing in management, a man alone does not work. a manager and a man work, because manager creates adrenaline in a worker by deadlines and requesting this important solution to save the world, his face,group face…

I wrote it is all about adrenaline, the following video is a story that shows that without the world “adrenaline”. but understanding that it is because of adrenaline, addictions, and low-energy makes sense.

the following video tells you to force yourself have to do things as a grown up as your parents were doing it for you like parent yourself.
She starts talking at about 4:30 or 10:00 minutes. but you can have few minutes of entertainment.


Some people who drink coffee in the morning. Coffee causes creation of a little adrenaline (in “medulla” above the kidneys). Or some people do gymnastics while they are still sleepy after waking up. physical activity while sleepy produces adrenaline.

Probably the Sooner you create adrenaline in the morning the Sooner you will start doing things. (or sleep well, and have good health)

From understanding that medulla is related to the endocrine system. I can deduce that Adrenaline and everything about this are part of the endocrine system(TSH related) which is probably not cared well enough in people, perhaps because of genetics or perhaps because of a lack of vitamins B1, B3, B6, iron, and copper. and lack of sleep.

probably adrenaline causes the body to release extra energy.
I say “extra” because from my own experience whenever I am sleeping a lot after that I want to do something and have energy for anything without coffee. The conclusion is that many people live in constant lack of energy.

There is also a phenomenon depleted resources for creating adrenaline, then you have to rest, eat a greater amount.

I have noticed that procrastination occurs when the brain does “defocus” so it can do “focus” after it on physiological needs. it is like the part of the brain that maintains autonomous living hijacking the larger brain and tells it to defocus. so the human as a whole could notice physiological needs and refocus on physiological needs things that are important to the body like, to use the bathroom, sleep and eat. after you do them your body lets you focus again.


treatment ideas:


don’t wait until you will have energy, time will never be right, make a plan and act instantly:

I have discovered that I can notice I am not doing what I need and I can do instantly the planned action without feelings.


positive reinforcement:

Prof’ Dan Ariely that does research about irrational decision making. found that giving yourself a positive reinforcement like guiltless something that you like , like watching tv and procrastinating for few hours, can change a behavior. and he found that people don’t follow things like medical treatment course until the end, and miss occasions. they do so because they don’t do positive reinforcement.

so remember to have positive reinforcement in what you do, like have parties and rewards.

negative reinforcement:

it is possible to do the bad behavior with insert some space in the time between the desire and action and do some negative reinforcement. for example, like: you could do this bad thing for you, but you will have to write down the time or make a line on a paper before you do it. then you could do the bad behavior kind of guiltless. this makes you notice when it happens and inserts a space between the trigger and action, later in this space you can control your behavior and overcome an addiction.

the see-saw way:
like if someone smokes he could quit smoking for some time, if he fails then it means not that he failed, but that he could do it for that long , and then he got back to bad behavior. then he could try to do it again for longer, then longer and longer. the explanation for this is that in life you do not get things instantly , it is usually gradually. like you don’t become a business man in an instant , you do little tan do none then do more little then do none, then do some more than a little, then do average, then do great.

a similar idea is a timer(Pomodoro) technique. force yourself to work 25 minutes. do only mechanically the process required to get started, like sit for 20 minutes watching on a book, instead of learning(a complex maybe too heavy task). then you go on from there after you get into it.

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